Saturday, December 06, 2014

this and that

A whole month has gone by since my last posting.
In that time I've been to London and seen the poppies before they were taken down again.
Overwhelmed to see the poppies but also all the people visiting!

Back home I prepared to receive Jette Vandermeiden who was coming to give 2 workshops All Tied Up.
Here Jette with part of the result of the 2nd workshop.
Both groups were enthousiastic and I myself took part in the 2nd workshop with this result:
There are so many possibilities, I only scratched the surface. More playtime later. I have more warp left. :-)
We hope to have Jette back at a later date. Great tutor!

The house has had a new garage door, so everything is now done on that front. Next job will be inside.