Sunday, June 30, 2013

masterclass with Andreas Möller

I've been away this week.
I went to Mirja Wark, who has a weaving school Golden Haand in the north of Holland near the German border. She had organised a masterclass with Andreas Möller, who was there with wife and little son.
What an inspiring week this was. A great group of 6 + Mirja. But she has been busy all week building her Flying 8 loom so that we could see how his loom works and specially his flying shuttle.
She managed to finish it enough, to have a demonstration by Andreas and we were able to feel for ourselves how this loom works. Mirja only wanted a narrow loom, so the weaving width is about 50cm. This one is small enough to take with you for demonstrations in a van or on a trailer behind your car. With his plan, you are able to build a loom (at a width that you want) for just the cost of your wood, some screws, string, heddles and some weights. All costing very little. His idea of a loom is that it is functional rather then beautiful. If a loom is beautiful but hurting your back, what use is it to you? To mention on thing is the treadles are coming from under the seat so you are at a comfortable angle to press the treadles. And the flying shuttle was quiet compared to an all wooden one. It can never be silent but there is a big difference by using cardboard. As he has been weaving for more then 20 years, he knows what he wants and how it would work best and is able to make adjustments that work. Always keeping the functionality in mind.

But I came for the weaving, not for the loom, that was a bonus.
We have learned so much. He showed us how he does his weaving. We all prepared a warp and threaded this on loom waiting for us. I'm not going to tell about the weaving itself, for that you will have to take a class yourself. All I can say is that he is very generous with his knowledge. It was very stimulating to see what everyone was weaving. I have not woven all that was presented to us but I'm so looking forward to getting behind my loom again and work out things for myself with my lovely new merino/silk yarns. I'm thinking of re-threading my current warp. After I finished the sample made into a cushion I got stuck. I think with his ideas I will be able to use that warp differently now.
Here a woven sample
and here after just wetting it, not even washing
Not all my samples are as spectacular but I now know what to change to make them better.
He is coming back next year for another masterclass so if you are interested, keep a lookout at Mirja's website. Hopefully there will be another one for those who have already done his masterclass, so that we can learn even more.
He is coming to Holland in November to give a seminar at the National Weaving Day of Weefnetwerk.

My biggest revelation has been to weave on a Louet Octado and feeling the difference between the Magic Dobby (which is in fact designed as a table loom / workshop loom) and a full sized loom. I would not be happy with just the 8 shafts though after having 24 with the Magic Dobby. Oh dear, another loom? I will keep looking for a 2nd hand.

I had not been to that part of Holland before. It was so peaceful, I slept well all week at a B&B. Also in the same B&B was someone I had met before but we did not know each other. We had a good time together during our meals there, never stopping with talking.;-)  I came home feeling very rested. The lunches were so luxurious that Mirja provided!
I will return to the Golden Haand. I've known Mirja since way back but never taken a class with her. There are some interesting workshops coming, she is very knowledgeable and the location is top class. So, yes I will go back.
She also has some very special textiles that her mother has collected over many years from all over the world plus jewellery that her mother also collected and or made.

We also made a few excursions in the evening.
Visiting Cosy Corners,  where we were shown Japanese Embroidery. Beautiful but that would not be my thing.
Another evening we went to a woodcutter. He does not have a webside but makes lovely work.
His house is also his shop but he likes to collects lots of things, so apart from woodwork there are many interesting things to see if you are shown some more of his house. Well worth a visit.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Not weaving just now but knitting
I have some silk that I spun ages ago and I'm making a mobius scarf with it.
I tried knitting a mobius scarf before but somehow could not get the first row done but yesterday we had our last guild meeting of the season and I had some great help setting up (thanks Mieke!!!). When home in the evening I started another one to make sure I had learned enough and I had, as I managed to knit 2 rows so far. Happy girl :-)
I'll only find out at the end if my sizing is ok. I set up 250 stitches, making 500 as you knit both sides.
I think it will be nice with the colour differences in the thread.
So I now have 2 scarves in the making as I also have the one that was started by Mieke at the guild meeting.
Garden needs attention and I also need to make a start on finishing the house painting. I only painted the front of the house last autumn, now the back needs doing and the garage door too.
We have had some tropical days but temperature has now gone down drastically.
First I have an exciting week ahead of me, more on that later.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It's that time of year again, the peonies are flowering.
Wish I could let you smell them  :-)
and I saw this in the garden

Friday, June 07, 2013

more on exhibition

We wanted to have something to sell during the exhibition, so we thought about making tiny peace cushions. Proceeds will go half/half to the guild and to a good cause, one the church has named.
I'm busy making mine, using this, my last white weaving.
I'm able to make 12 and they look like this:
they are about 8cm square
2 finished, 10 to go
update: halfway through

Monday, June 03, 2013


This morning we installed our Guild Exhibition Weve de Vrede (Weaving the Peace) in the Doopsgezinde kerk. It's 300 years ago that the Peace of Utrecht was signed. As Guild we thought it a good idea to have this themed exhibition. The opening is this Saturday but the viewing only starts July 3rd until Sept 15th, coinciding with visiting churches.
This is how my work looks there. I thought the scarves were long enough but seeing them displayed I realised that they could have been longer. Quite difficult to get them draping well.
My blue ondulé scarf will go to another exhibition (our national weaving organisation Weefnetwerk is celebrating it's 5th year existence) that is opening early next month here.