Monday, February 28, 2011

100 years and 47 days

Today it's the end of an era, my father is no longer with us.
I'll miss him very much but he is at peace now.
Grateful to have been with him right to the end.
Here an old picture of him age 86, taken in 1997 in his beloved garden when he could still see.
Happy memories will stay.
I also have the items he made for me for my weaving like the reed holder, a warping frame and a raddle. I still use them all.
He has always been an outdoor man, as he used to be a fruit grower with mainly apple orchards and some pears and plums. May be this was his secret of living such a long life......

Friday, February 25, 2011


Life can be hard. My father is struggling in his last days. Very sad to see this.
Here a picture of happier times, less than 60 years ago!
I'm away from home a lot now but when at home I've made a warp for the Magic Dobby.
It is mohair and I hope to get it on the loom asap
I've not decided yet how many shafts I'll use, but I was thinking to weave a network with a darker grey as weft. The repeat cannot be more than 30 as that is the amount of bars I have. No idea when the interface will be available for my Magic Dobby but with all that is going on around me I would not have the energy to get the interface installed anyway.
I just need to get the warp on quickly so that I can start weaving when at home.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Today I made some photos whilst out on a walk. I walk in a newly planted wood and it is fascinating to see what grows there.
And a close up of the above
We have had some lovely sunny days the last few days but today was cold and dull but at least it was dry.
I've had another week of flu symptoms so it was nice to be able to get out again.

My scarf was finished last night. Quite fiddly to get the part mended with the broken warp threads.
I unpicked about 1cm so that I was able to secure the loose ends between the fringes. I left those to the last to do as I had to add quite a few threads to make up for all the broken ones. But I'm pleased with the result.
I took a few photos but not enough to show what I did.

Here the white scarf next to the black. They look so totally different, but the only difference is the black and white yarn. The coloured silk yarn in the black scarf was woven 3/1 twill and in the white scarf this was woven 2/2 twill, the black and white yarn was tabby woven. And I made the warp in a slightly different way so the colours are not as neat together as in the black scarf. But I think the end result is fine.
Here you can clearly see all the broken threads. This is after I unpicked 1cm of weaving.
10 from the 30 threads here were gone. What I did was repair in pairs so that I could start with one thread, weave it through the cloth with a needle and the other end of the thread was the 2nd thread. repeating this another 4 times making in total 10 threads. On the other side were 6 threads missing.
And here the end result after mending. The short ends are twisted into the fringes.
It was just so fiddly that I forgot to photograph what I was doing. So only have the before and after photo.

My loom has been empty now for the last week. High time to get another warp on the go. Will it be more about techniques or shall I make another scarf? At the moment I need some weaving that will not need a lot of thought like getting more into a technique so probably I'll get another scarf on the go. My father is not to well, will have to see how things go with him. Hence the need for a relaxing weaving and lots of walks next to visiting.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


The weaving was going well until today and is almost finished
but now the warp threads at both sides are braking one after the other.
This is not funny any more, so I might cut it of now and hoping that the scarf is long enough. I think it is but will only know for sure when I unwind the woven cloth. I have another 40cm of warp left that I could have woven. But not with so many threads braking. I think this yarn has a very loose twist and that this is giving the problem now. The sett at the side is a bit tighter than the rest of the Tencel yarn giving a nice edge to the scarf. This worked on the silk/black Tencel scarf and it did work on this one too, up to now.