Friday, April 11, 2014


Bought some yarn from an estate sale, so you never know if it is what they say it is. It was sold as 100% wool, looked and felt ok. But when dyeing the yarn it shows up as not 100% wool, as a white thread is visible. I had some acid dye stock that I had made in 2010. Read that it will only last about 1 year but had to find out if it would still dye the yarn. It didn't do very well......
In the end I used undiluted stock directly on the yarn and heated in the microwave. I used several mixes of the 3 primary colours. This is a very pale version of what I had in mind. Was as well that I made very small skeins of 10m for a trial dye run. I will have to make new stock solution now so that I can dye warp and weft yarn for my next project. But seeing the white thread, is making me hesitant to put in all the work when I might not get the end result I was hoping for.