Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old = New

When my daughters were little I made them each a dress.
 Now, the same dress that my eldest daughter wore aged 5
is now worn by my granddaughter aged 3.
So glad I found these old photo's. Looking at the first picture it looks like I have added a frill at the bottom at a later stage but I cannot remember this any more (so long ago!). I'm also pleased I saved this dress, as it fits her perfectly! And she is thrilled to bits that this dress was worn by her mother and made by her granny.
 I loved the material when I made the dresses, and still like it.


  1. what a sweet story! I don't blame your granddaugher for being thrilled.

  2. I love the forethought in saving the dresses. It never occurred to me to save anything. That's a lovely story.

  3. My mother also used to add frills to the bottoms of my dresses as I grew taller! I loved some of those dresses and was really glad to keep wearing them as long as possible. Isn't it funny though, that today's 3 year old is nearly as tall as yesterday's 5 year old?

  4. How lovely! I still have fond memories of dresses my mother made my sister and I in the 1950's! My favourite at the time was in a sky blue pink plaid....nuff said about that I think! I remember thinking we were very fine in these frocks!

  5. What a neat story! That smile on your granddaughter's face says it all. What a cutie!