Saturday, September 03, 2011


The warp is finished, washed and hemmed. Ready for showing.

I managed to weave 2 towels with a linen weft weaving a satin (below left) and an Oelsner pattern (below right).
1 using warp yarn as weft in tabby (below left)
and 1 using a cotton chenille yarn (above right) weaving satin again.
When finishing, I noticed that the linen satin towel has weaving mistakes that are beyond repairing, so it will have to stay as it is.

I like the Oelsner patterned towel best.
It is Oelsner pattern 813, or pattern 8980 at
May be I'll make some more similar like that at a later date. It has no distinct front or back like the satin towels in linen and cotton chenille and it feels nice.
I also like the warp/linen combination. I'm not so keen on the all cotton (weft like warp) towel. It just feels different. The cotton chenille one is nice for drying hands, it feels very soft.

I'm recovering from a starting lung infection, I was early catching it but it does take it out of  you and the coughing is still going on and I'm told it could be 4 weeks to get over that.
I think my next warp will be a scarf that I want to make for someone as a thank you for visiting my father on a regular basis. I had thought of giving the coloured/white silk/Tencel scarf but I don't think it will do her any good colour-wise. So, I'll make a woollen one. Have to think of pattern and colour first though. May be a 2-tone green.

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  1. Je keukendoeken zien er op de foto al prachtig uit. Laat staan in het 'echie'. Waar haal jij je katoenen chenille vandaan? Het lijkt mij ook zo leuk om handdoeken erbij te weven....
    Ik hoop dat je je snel weer beter voelt en degene die die sjaal van je krijgt zal er vast heel blij mee zijn, met zoveel zorg gemaakt.

    Fijne zondag, Marion.