Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Iridescent warp finished

This warp is now finished.
The first weaving from this warp was this
Next I tried out lots of colours
I found that I made a mistake in the threading, so I rethreaded after cutting off the above weaving
There was only about 50cm warp left to weave but I wanted to see the difference.
The above was kind of square and I wanted curves
I'm glad I did the rethreading as I did get the curves I was looking out for.

I should have been weaving for my double weaving course but life gets in the way sometimes. I will do the weaving after the course is finished now. Loom is empty and I can think about the next warp without stressing to get it all finished in time. Good decision made.

At the moment we are enjoying warm sunny weather. I better enjoy this, before it's gone again.

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