Thursday, November 01, 2012

warp & weft

Last month a new book was published by Jessica Hemmings: Warp & Weft
woven textiles in fashion, art and interiors
It's not a "how to weave" book but very informative about what is being made at this moment in fashion, art and interiors.
In 2010 the author organised a symposium about interdisciplinary approaches to weaving during the exhibitions Warp and Weft  curated by Laura Thomas. This all prompted the author her work on this book.
I did not go to the symposium but I did go to the exhibitions and it was so worth it, making the round trip to Wales. That was my last holiday with my husband, as he died shortly after we came home from that holiday. On hind side he must have been feeling unwell during the trip but he wanted to do this textile holiday for me. What a lovely lasting memory.
I've been reading and enjoying this book very much. The book is divided into different chapters (threads-light-motion-sound-emotion-community) and it was very interesting to read about what is being done by textile artists/weavers in these different chapters. There are some stunning photos in the book.
In her introduction Jessica writes "Over the course of writing this book I have heard again and again of the weaver's sensibility, a way of approaching the visual and material world that guides thinking far beyond the construction of cloth"
In yesterdays Metro paper was an article "Tegendraads" about a Dutch textile artist who graduated this year. She could very well have been in this book too.


  1. Dat lijkt me een boek wat ik ook graag zou willen inzien.

  2. You are lucky! I had a chance to browse this book when I was visiting Dovecot Studios recently and I added it straight onto my Christmas wish list!

  3. Marion, je kan altijd hier komen kijken ;-)

    Cally, I had pre-ordered the book earlier this year so I've been "waiting" for it. Christmas just came early for me ;-)