Thursday, January 01, 2015


not much blogged in the last months of 2014.
I blame Facebook for that....
hope to post more regularly again here
wishing you all a happy creative weaving year in 2015

new years day, so posting with Meg's day in the life of looms:
(you can see more blogs links about loomsday through Meg's link above)
warp on Jane has been re-tied, still the warp from workshop All Tied Up by Jette Vandermeiden, will play a bit more with this straight threading
Magic Dobby loom, the 1st double weave scarf from this warp is finished at last and needs to be cut from the loom. still thinking about how to finish the scarf. there is enough warp left to make 2 to 3 more scarves
last few blocks the interface was playing up again, missing out lifting shafts. I thought that problem had been solved when the printing plate was renewed several months ago. will get in touch with Louet next week
Minerva is standing idle at the moment, thinking hard about selling her
completely snowed under is my Thumm loom, also thinking about selling this
HURRAY, a wish has come true :-)
My new to me 32 shaft Megado :-) is waiting to be assembled
looking forward to weaving projects on her, but first will have to clear a space to be able to fit her in.
very excited and looking forward to a new weaving year


  1. I'd love to have a chat about your dobby looms sometime. I'm definitely considering one and since you have 2, will want your input on the +/- of each.

  2. Peg, will have to answer here as I do not have your email address. Email me your address and we can chat about +/- of the looms.

  3. Megado? 32?? I'm also very enamored by the colors in the fabric in your basket on top of the loom.

  4. Ah Meg, those are fabrics for making something for my granddaughter :)
    Some day I will get around to making something...

  5. But you never know what will inspire your next piece, yes?

  6. That's right Meg. A new year, with hopefully new ideas ;)

  7. happy happy! that new megado will bring much of that to you. how many shafts?

  8. Congratulations on the new Megado, and may you have a wonderful year of weaving on it!

  9. Wow een Megado! mijn droomgetouw. is het elektronisch? ben heel benieuwd naar je ervaringen hiermee. groetjes Giny

  10. Gjeani, ik maak het elektronisch. Maar ik moet nog plek maken voor het getouw, want het is het breedste model. De studeerkamer moet weefkamer worden. Dus voordat ik kan weven duurt nog even. Zo lang gewacht hierop, die paar weken kunnen er ook nog wel bij. ;)

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