Friday, January 02, 2009

Finished chenille scarf

Here is my finished the scarf. I'm pleased with the result, it feels nice and soft after washing. So, may be some more chenille weaving after all in the future! This scarf will be a present.

My next warp will be double weaving with Venne yarns for the course I'm doing with Marian Stubenitsky
More about that in another post.



  1. Hi Margreet!
    Lovely to see your finished scarf - I saw your email and got straight here. I love the colours and I appreciate the fact that now I can see immediately what you're talking about, blogs are really great for this!
    - Looking forward to seeing your next projects!

  2. Margreet, I didn't know you'd started a blog! Welcome to the fiber blogosphere. Your scarf is lovely. I love the feel of chenille and plan more chenille weaving in my future too.

  3. Hi Doni and Leigh,

    Thanks for the comments on the scarf.

    Leigh, I'm so enjoying reading your blog and others like Cally, Doni, Peg, Dorothy, Helen to name a few. I thought to start the year with my own blog. Planning to post daily, even with just a photo. But a week has gone by without a posting. I'll get used to it!

  4. Hello! Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Blog! Looking forward to more pictures and posts, but don't get stressed if you don't have time; remember that it is meant to be fun.

  5. Hi Cally,
    Thanks for your wishes.
    And yes, I know it should be fun and I will look at it that way and not get stressed about it!