Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Blog

My first posting in my own Blog!

I have been enjoying reading other's Blogs that I have succumbed to starting my own Blog. It seems a good way of looking back at what has been done over a period of time.

Over the last few days I have been weaving a scarf with a warp that I had dyed with my land Guild last November. We had to bring our own chenille warp. I used cotton chenille and had never used chenille before. As we had to undo the ties (holding the warp together) for the dyeing, I had problems getting the warp onto the loom. And it being chenille, the yarn got damaged in different places. I decided to ignore this and just continue. For weft I used a cottoline and wove 2/2 twill. This way I could keep the warp yarn together as much as possible.
This afternoon I finished the scarf and it seems to have worked, no more "fluff" has been coming of the warp yarn! I'm not sure though if I like using chenille yarn for future projects.

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