Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back home

I've been home for a few days now. We enjoyed our trip to the UK though the reason in the first instance was a sad one, we did have a very nice family reunion.
Next was our weekend in Cornwall and visiting the Eden Project. I can highly recommend going there. What a magical place I found it to be and very educational too. If you don't know anything about the Eden Project, just follow the link and you will find an informative website. We took many photos but the website gives a good impression of what it is like.
You can book tickets online and when you make your ticket as a donation you are given a year membership card enabling you to come back within that year for free as many times as you like. This was great as we went on an orientational tour on Saturday and on Sunday spent all day having a good look around.
This is what the site looked like before.And how it looks now from one angle. On the right you can see The Core.
And here a view from the opposite side. You can see The Core in the top centre.You will find this inside The Core: Seed.
Throughout the whole project you will find artwork, this is what is greeting you when you arrive.

The only textile item during our trip was having lunch with Katharina, who I know from the Bradford course. It was nice to meet up again and to have seen her studio, a lovely place in her garden.

Back home now and temperatures are rising here, it feels very muggy. I like the sun but not when it becomes like it is now. I will just slow down and take things easy, contemplating about my next warp.

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  1. The trip to the UK and the Eden project looks really interresting.
    I have a question: where did you buy the fringe twister you blogged about in the beginning of June? I am starting on a shawl project now, and I will need one soon quite badly. Thanks in advance for helping!