Monday, June 15, 2009

Grandchildren and more

First things first, my friend chose the striped scarf.
The blocked scarf will now be given to a friend in the UK.

The new warp is still waiting to be made.
Other things got in the way, like spending time with the grandchildren this last weekend. I was being a real granny and I looked after them for 2 days. It was nice as I do not see them on a regular basis and I got to know them a bit better. They are 2 and nearly 4 years old and full of mischief like they should be at that age. But oh boy was it hard work! It was good to be home again. I'll have another day looking after them in about 3 weeks time. This means spending another night with them too as there are lots of road works going on and with the rush hour on top this would make a stressful journey early morning to get to them.

Later this week we will be making a sudden trip to the UK attending a funeral.
Although it is sad to lose a family member, she was 90 and lived a full life. The other side of a funeral is that they are like a family reunion.
We will now also celebrate a special wedding anniversary this weekend in the UK instead of celebrating at home with the children and grandchildren.
All in all I'm looking forward to our trip.

But this will not bring me nearer making my next warp. First job is to calculate the setting of this yarn. I'm also taking on Doni advice to sample (her reaction in my last posting) the Brighton honeycomb. In a way I will not want to lose any yarn to sampling but I can see that it is the best way to find out if it works at all.
When I saw the Brighton honeycomb in Sharon Alderman's book Mastering Weave Structures I thought the colour combination of these 2 yarns would make a good design.
On the other hand, it would mean weaving with only one colour, so may be it makes it a bit dull to weave after having used all the different colours in my last weaving.
All in all it does not hurry me along making my next warp quickly this way.

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