Monday, July 20, 2009


Stil no weaving to show you but I have been busy planting up our front garden. It had been an empty space for quite some time so needed attention badly. I did the planting all by myself in 1 day. There are more than 100 plants with 30+ different types of lavender. From as low as 25 cm up to 150 cm high and the different ways they flower and different colourings. I'm looking forward to next year when the plants have grown and will show their differences. I chose the plants and made some kind of plan for the planting, but whilst planting I made some changes to the plan.
We are lucky to have a lavender specialist here in Holland: Kwekerij Bastin. Sorry, the link is only in Dutch but it does show many different lavender varieties (if you click on the last photo on the page, Nana Alba, it will take you to the next page with more lavender plants).

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