Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lace in concrete......

When I was staying near Nottingham I went to see the new Nottingham Contemporary as I had read about Louise West, a textile student, being involved in part of the design of the building. I was intrigued to see this for myself.It was really amazing to see it for real. The lace pattern is embossed in the concrete panels and it just looks like the lace is tumbling down from the top! Isn't it great that textile is used like this in a building design! The building is not yet finished but will be opened in November this year.I also went to see the Frameknitters Museum in Ruddington. I had never heard of frameknitting. It is a very interesting small museum and it gives you an idea how it was so many years ago when the knitters worked on their frames. It made a hell of a noise when I was given a demonstration on one of the frames. In the room was not 1 but 17 frames!Just imagine the knitters, working in the noise and without much lighting either, working on very fine knitting work. When I came home to tell my husband about it, he told me that his grandmother on his father's side was born in Ruddington, her family was involved in the lace knitting industry.


  1. So very interresting, the lacy concrete looks fantastic!

  2. It's wonderful to see something so innovative being done with textile design. Thank you so much for sharing.