Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enjoying UK holiday

Last Sunday, Summer School has ended. I've really enjoyed myself this last week. There were 11 courses and about 150 taking part in this all. (Over one third were Online Guild members!) I managed to produce some lovely colours on my skeins, all silk yarn. Each skein should be a new project for either a warp or weft. I left 3 skeins undyed for me to do at home so that I can produce a matching colour for the yarns already dyed. And it will give me the incentive to do more dyeing soon now that I have learned so much about acid dyes. I had taken some yarn with me to Summer School that was a mix of cotton & silk and that has come out ok, despite cotton not to be dyed with acid dyes. Nice to see as I have more of this yarn.

Next Summer School (in 2011) will be in Scotland, probably near Edinburgh. Looking forward to going there already!

I'm staying on in the UK until next Sunday having a lovely time out in the country. When I get back home I will post some photos.

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