Sunday, September 06, 2009

New warp from dyed yarn

I'm in the process of setting up my next warp on the loom.
It is the skein that I dyed the injection way.It has different colours red and blue in it.
I made the warp in 2 parts and found that the first part was more red and the next one more towards the blue. Now that it is on the loom this is visible.
I had problems with this yarn, it was sticking together very much but with patience I moved along ok with the yarn. It meant untangling the threads, one by one.On the left you can see that the yarn is snarling up, on the right you can see what that does with the yarn. I have now finished this process and also threaded through the heddles.
Not having used silk for a long time, it takes getting used to again after weaving with cotton or cottolin.

But I had to put the warping on hold as we had the family over today for DH's birthday tomorrow, so I made a cake last night. It is one of my favorites by Rachel Allen from her book Rachel's Food for Living: Chocolate Amaretti CakeThe cake is made with dark chocolate (70%), Amaretti biscuits, flaked slivered almonds, sugar, butter, eggs and zest of an orange.

I'm hoping that I'll get on with the warping quickly so that I can start weaving very shortly. I had a long think about what I wanted to weave. One skeins is about 950 meters long and I decided I want to weave some cloth to make a sleeveless vest from it. I've used a network drafting from Thrilling Twills, a new to me drafting but I think it will work just the way I want for this skein. I'm still contemplating between these 2 different ways:
The threading is the same but the weaving is different, so I still have some time to make up my mind which one I will choose in the end. :-)
Another thing is to sample with weft yarn but I do not want to loose to much warp yarn doing this. I'm thinking of using linen yarn for weft, I have just the right colour I think. But I will sample to find out what works best.
More when I have started my sampling.


  1. That's a pretty warp. I look forward to seeing how the weaving goes.

    I'm not looking closely at the chocolate cake picture - it looks far too tasty!! Perfect as a special birthday cake.

  2. That cake looks fantastic!! (I know... I'm a weaver... I should be excited about the yarn and warp too! My passion for chocolate seemingly knows no bounds!)

    Glad you're jumping right into using the yarn you recently dyed. I'll be interested to see how it weaves up. I haven't done any networked drafts yet so hopefully I can learn a little bit from your experience.