Monday, September 14, 2009

Weaving my silk yarn

I've started weaving my silk warp. It took me some time to get ready for weaving as I had opted for adding some extra yarn to the silk like this:This way I would have the least waste of the silk yarn. When I started to weave with different yarns I found that I had made threading mistakes in the heddles. I made some temporary heddles from cotton yarn:The weaving with different yarns was to look what yarns would work as weft yarn but also which colour would be good to use.In the end I have chosen as weft this yarn. And for weaving I have opted for this one.
The network drafting means a lot of different sequences of the treadles are used so I have made myself a small chart to keep up with what I'm doing.There are 8 shafts and 8 treadles for the network pattern. My loom has 10 treadles. So I named lifting 1 to 8 to treadles 2 to 9 as 1 and 10 were reserved for tabby. I use a clothes peg for keeping up with the sequence I'm weaving.
So this

now looks like this
I still find that the yarn has a lot of fluff but it seems to be ok with the weaving so far. I'm not sure if this is normal for silk yarn.
Finally, here a photo of the first bit of weaving:


  1. Hello Margreet, I am watching with interest to see how this goes because I have bought some silk yarn with the intention of dyeing it and weaving a scarf. It's looking pretty!

  2. Thanks Dorothy.
    I've just had to go back a while as there was an extra shaft lifting on one treadle :-(
    That is a problem with this Leclerc loom, I forgot to tie the unused ties away so that they would not catch on the treadle.

  3. The fabric looks beautiful! I have never woven with silk before. The pattern and treadling sequence looks enormously complicated, but you have found a very smart way of handling it.

  4. Charlotte,
    I'm enjoying weaving with the silk, this is 20/2 silk yarn.
    I suppose network drafting is more what you might do on a dobby loom. But it works fine for me this way.

  5. This is going to be lovely. Soft and feminine. I also like the fabric in your header.