Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First deflected double weaving cut from the loom

I've finished my deflected double weave warp. I found it difficult to take a good photo of the result but here is the first part front (left) and back of the weaving.

The second part looks like this, again, front (left) and back side of the weaving.

I've kept a good record of what I have been weaving. I'll finish the edges first and wash one of the samples and see what difference this makes to the weaving. This is fine cotton yarn, so I do not expect great changes after washing like you would with wool yarn. Next I'll have a good look at the different patterns and see if there is one that I would like to repeat in a complete scarf.
I'll post a few detailed photos later.

Last week was a busy week as my father turned 99! I feel very privileged being able to celebrate this with him. His wife who suffers from Alzheimer, has taken a turn health wise, so we will have to see how things go.
I'll see if I can get my next warp on the loom quickly so that I can keep on weaving....


  1. Good for you for sampling! I find it hard to sample even though I know it's the right thing to do; I just want to get into the project right away and get that instant gratification!

  2. Well, happy birthday to your dad. I don't understand what your sample is, but I enjoyed seeing it - thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are great samples! Thanks for sharing them!!

    A really experienced weaver was just asking me today if I sample enough....and I think I don't. It's great to see how other people sample so that I can learn to be better at that!

    Happy birthday to your dad!!


  4. Happy birthday to your dad! Your samples look very interesting, and I look forward to continue following your deflected doubleweave project.

  5. It was a great work you have done, lovely! How nice that you have visited my blog and that you have found a translation tool. I use google translate, although not all the words are correct. Sincerely, Turid

  6. Oh, fascinating! Could we see close-ups of the scarves, please?

  7. The deflected double weave is wonderful! I'm inspired (if I can ever get to my loom again.)

    Happy Birthday to your dad. 99 is really an amazing age to live to. May he have a wonderful day!