Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deflected double weaving

Here is the threading for my deflected double weave warp. We had to make 3 different design threading's in the warp so that is what I did. My warp is 22,5cm wide making each designs 7,5cm.
I have a dark blue on shaft 1-4 and a lighter blue on shaft 5-8. (weaving is like the threading)

The liftplan is where the playing starts, I've started to draw different possibilities but there are so many, so this is not all that is possible. At the moment I'm weaving number 4.

It will become interesting after this as different things will start to happen. At the moment the whole width is the same, but when only part is lifted out of the way, starting at number 5 where shaft 1 and 2 are lifted out of the way when weaving shaft 4-8. This will be the result and you can see clearly that there are 3 different designs in the warp, left, centre and right:

So far, my weaving looks like this: (liftplan numbers 1-4).
Front number is like back number 2 (horizontal stripes), front number 2 is like back number 1 (vertical stripes). The same with 3 and 4 (one side is dark, the other light).
Photos as on the loom and close up's.


  1. Interesting project! When it comes off the loom and gets washed, I wonder if it will deflect even more.

    Happy New Year (almost!)


  2. This is so interresting, thank you for sharing the drafts! And thank you for the tip on the backstrap-loom blog, it was a very interresting link which I will keep following.
    Happy new year!