Thursday, April 08, 2010

Small project on the sample warp

After weaving lots of samples I made a scarf on the same warp. I had made a longer warp so that there would be enough to make a scarf and samples. I threaded the warp on 8 shafts so that I could make blocks in the scarf. The blocks are 1 cm wide and woven 3/1 and 1/3 alternating.
The scarf is wett finished and pressed.
A detailed photo here:

I was using my Leclerc Minerva loom and had lots of problems this time. Like the cord of the brake treadle snapping and the cord that connects the bar with the warpthreads on to the back beam also snapping. Not all the shafts were lifting as they should. I suppose that is getting familiar with the jackloom system.
Before I put on another warp on this loom I will go over the loom thoroughly so that the next warp will give less problems hopefully. Are there any other weavers reading this blog that are using a Minerva? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the loom.

The last samples looked like this using all 4 warp colours in the weft:
The finished samples are washed and pressed, the unfinished ones are not washed or pressed.


  1. Somehow I had missed your earlier post about this warp, but I love the colours - very light and fresh for spring!

  2. Je sjaal ziet er prachtig uit, echt voorjaar. Ik ben alleen even kwijt wat voor materiaal je hebt gebruikt maar ik krijg gewoon zin om ook een 3/1 1/3 te gaan weven. Heb ik ooit gedaan maar keurig uit een boekje en had geen idee wát ik aan het doen was.

  3. Hi,
    I use a Minerva, it is my first loom and I love it. I have made some changes to it though, the warp would rest on the bottom of the reed so I lowered the beater bar to get the warp centred in the reed. This fix made a big difference to the size of the shed also! Oh, as I just learned with my tea towels the weavable width is only 21 inches. But I do like the Minerva it is a get little workhorse.

  4. It never occurred to me that you might have a jack loom. I just assumed you have a counter balance loom, like I wish I had!