Thursday, May 06, 2010

Museum visit

Today, I made another visit to the Hermitage Amsterdam where the current exhibition is Matisse to Malevich. I had been in January when the Museum's first exhibition At the Russian Court was there with lots of dresses on show, that had been very special to see. This exhibition is totally different, I was blown away seeing all the beautiful paintings "in the flesh". Most paintings are from around the 1900-1915 period. I was fortunate to see the Dance as it is going back to Russia after the 9th. Here you can see a film showing how this painting has been transported from Russia to Amsterdam  (scroll down to the bottom of this Dutch page). I think the painting is about 3m high and 5m wide or near enough. Another big painting was Kandinsky's composition VI, the colours, wonderful. Very stimulating to see art like this.

Next week I will make another museum visit, this time about fashion, here.
But first we will have our grandson here for a few days. Really looking forward to this, though not much time for weaving than. I'm still planning my next warp, but hoping to make progress soon.


  1. I enjoyed the video. What a wonderful exhibit it must have been. Amsterdam is on my list of want to travel to places.

  2. Hi Margreet, I am not sure if I can get through to you here, but for some reason my emails are bouncing back - Ann said she was having the same problem. It sends a message saying "over quota". Are you hearing from any of us??