Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weaving again

Sometimes life gets in the way and not much happens.
I've not been weaving much since the beginning of April.
Just did not have the energy. But I'm on a detox since a week and feeling better already.
However, I have been busy lately for this. Very exited to have joined the team.

I'm very fortunate to having a Louet Magic Dobby on loan from my tutor, to find out if it would be a loom that I would like.
Warping the loom was so easy. Mind you it is only a narrow warp of about 20cm, but I've never so easily warped a loom by myself. I've used just one colour in the warp, threading straight 1 through 24 and as weft using a contrasting colour. All cotton about 8/2.
And now I'm playing with the peg bars weaving different samples just to get to know the loom.
Here are my first samples:


  1. Margreet, de website ziet er geweldig mooi uit. Jullie hebben vast hard gewerkt.
    En je staaltjes zijn weer prachtig maar met een goed werkend getouw gaat alles prettiger. Tocht ;-)

  2. Mooi Margreet, de website! Wat een werk weer.
    Je staaltjes zien er ook mooi uit. Leuk spelen he, met al die schachten?!
    Ik las dat je ook in het bestuur van WeefNed bent gekomen. Wat een activiteiten allemaal. Succes ermee!

  3. I am very interested to hear what you think of the Magic Dobby. Are you using one with a computer dobby driver, or the physical peg bars?

  4. Amelia, I'm using the peg bars. Now that is so different from having to tie up to treadles! But a mistake is quickly made so double checking if all the pegs are in the correct place is definitely in order here! I have to get used to the, to me, flimsy beating system but the more I weave the more I get used to it.

  5. You're very lucky to have a dobby loom on loan, I've never tried one.

  6. I have a question, seeing as you are using my dream loom, the one that would need my premium bonds to turn up to be a reality. How deep is it with the front and back beams folded up?

  7. Caroline,
    When in use for weaving the loom is 100cm deep but folded up I think it is about 34cm deep. I just tried it but I would have to loosen the weaving and I do not want to do that, so it is a guess. It fitted into my car folded up but with the stand still attached to the loom! This is the 70cm wide loom. The smaller version is 40cm wide.

  8. Oh Margreet, what fun to have a Magic Dobby to play with! If I could find space for one more loom (which is unlikely) I'd like one of these.