Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some more weaving.... this time curves

Now, when was it that I last was weaving I wonder.
I still have more of this warp on the loom. Since that post I have woven more samples, one I like is this one:
It was a long pattern to weave and I was short of the peg bars, so I just changed the pegs after 40 wefts. I think I had to change about 7 times to get the above woven. But I wanted to see how this design came out in weaving.

But now I'm weaving curves! Before today I just could not get the design right, far to long the floats were, but today it just went fine. Hurray!
First I used the same weft yarn that I have been using with this warp so far, very much the same thickness as the warp. Next, I used a much thinner yarn, and last a cotton chenille yarn that is much thicker than the warp yarn. Here is the sample with a repeat of 3 for each weft yarn:
And the back looks like this:
This last photo was guess work as I could not see what I was doing. But you can see the difference between front and back. Once the warp is of the loom there should be better pictures but I could not wait to see how the back looks.

Next on the list is play backwards and forward with the weft as I've now woven straight 1-24 times 3.
Something like this:


  1. Het ziet er technisch uit allemaal, als ik 'gewoon' kijk naar mooi... dan vind ik de bovenste staal toch wel heel erg leuk en bijzonder.

  2. Margreet, ik kan je email adres niet op je site vinden dus doe ik het hier maar. Ik zag zojuist dat je op mijn sieraden blog bent geweest, wat leuk.
    Ik ben nog maar pas begonnen met sieraden én met het blog dus zoveel bezoekers krijg ik nog niet. De ketting draag ik graag maar met deze warmte krijg ik wat irritatie, hoewel het toch zilveren ringen zijn...... Maar het wordt vanzelf weer herfst hihi.
    Groetjes, Marion.

  3. It's quite amazing what a difference a weft makes! I love, love, love curves and circles in weaving. I'm always amazed at the wonderful sinous curves you can achieve with right angle threads!

  4. I love the sample in the first photo! Great effect!