Sunday, September 12, 2010

Colour in weaving

I've started weaving the sample. What a joy to be weaving colour!!
To think that I dyed this warp myself.
I'll make the sample large enough before I'll cut it of and will wet finish it to make sure the set is correct.
Here is the first woven inches:
I've tried to make a photo of the back too, not easy just now. But here it is:
Same part at the front looks like this:

Marion was wondering if she could warp a warp like this on her warping mill.
I'm not sure. May be where the cross bars are at the top you could use that and let the threads hang down from the cross bars.
I had dyed on the skein, so when I was warping I think the circle of my warp was twice the length of the skein trying to keep the colours together. I kept my finger on one point to make sure that the colours would not move about as the circle was hanging loose at the bottom. So. if you have 2 points to start making your circle, you can just let it hang down to whatever length it needs to be. Hope this all makes sense.
Ah, but than you have to have something to make your cross............
I warped the 5 coloured stripes separate and all the black stripes separate too, so I had to think every time I started a new part, where to start the cross.
When I dyed the above skein last year, I had taken the colours from this photo:
Picking 5 colours with a photo program and printing these colours and dye as near as possible.
I have a second skein that I dyed at the same time; similar colours but a shade darker without yellow.
That's for another project together with the remainder of this skein. (I've used just over half of the skein for this warp)


  1. It's beautiful!! It gives me high hopes for my painted warps (which are hiding in storage bins right now....but some day I'll bring them out and weave them up!)


  2. Beautiful, Margreet! It's turning out so well too. I love the colors.