Thursday, September 09, 2010

New Warp

I've used the dyed silk from last years workshop at Summer School together with black Tencel for a new warp. The latest issue of Handwoven showed a good way of warping with dyed skeins, to keep the colours together.
You warp in a circle, this way you can see how the colours go. When you have finished warping you cut the circle and you have your warp. It was a bit tricky to get the warp on the loom as both ends of the warp were cut now. My normal warping would give me looped ends. Now I had to tie the warp on the loom instead of putting the rod from the back beam through the loops. I did not take any photos making this circle warp as I needed all my attention to get it right.
The warp is now on the loom and threaded. All I need to do now is tie on and I can start weaving.
Photo showing the front:
And this one showing the back:
You can see how the colour changes from front to back.
It will be very cheerful to start weaving with these colours. There is enough for one scarf + a bit for a small sample for wet finishing, to see if I have the sett right. The colours will be woven twill and the black plain weave. For weft I'll be using the black Tencel.


  1. What lovely colours! And the black really sets them off. I tried the circular winding method on some painted yarn but found it quite hard to you - you seem to have been much more successful at lining up the colours than I was.

  2. Cally, the trick is to keep your finger at the point you start at. That way you have control and can adjust the threads, keeping the colours together as much as you can. You end up with a slight difference in length of warp threads.

  3. Oh my gosh, Margreet. Your warp takes my breath away! I'm not sure I could bring myself to cross it with any weft. I am going to look up the piece from Handwoven............

  4. Ik heb het ook in de Handwoven gelezen en moest ook even slikken moet ik zeggen. Ik heb alleen een haspelmolen dus weet nog niet hoe ik dat ga aanpakken maar wil het graag gaan doen. Helemaal nu ik jouw werk zie, dat ziet er wel heel erg mooi uit maar laat mij ook wat meer twijfelen of ik dat haspelen wel voor elkaar krijg. Ik hoop dat je ook foto's maakt van het weefproces? Ben zo benieuwd hoe het wordt.
    Fijne dag.

  5. Marion, hoe maak je dan je ketting voor het weven? Of heb je directe schering op je getouw?

  6. Nee, sorry, ik bedoel een scheermolen.

  7. Sounds like a job for a person with three hands! I love the way the colours are turning out in the twill.

  8. Beautiful colors - absolutely eye catching. You've taken on a huge undertaking!