Monday, February 28, 2011

100 years and 47 days

Today it's the end of an era, my father is no longer with us.
I'll miss him very much but he is at peace now.
Grateful to have been with him right to the end.
Here an old picture of him age 86, taken in 1997 in his beloved garden when he could still see.
Happy memories will stay.
I also have the items he made for me for my weaving like the reed holder, a warping frame and a raddle. I still use them all.
He has always been an outdoor man, as he used to be a fruit grower with mainly apple orchards and some pears and plums. May be this was his secret of living such a long life......


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Margreet. How sweet to have the happy memories and the work of his hands which remain with you.

  2. Margreet,

    Gecondoleerd. Wat verdrietig om je vader niet meer bij je te hebben. Wat fijn dat je behalve je herinneringen ook tastbare dingen van hem hebt die je ook echt gebruikt als je met wat leuks bezig bent. Je zal straks vast glimlachen als je die spulletjes weer nodig hebt (hoop ik).
    Sterkte de komende tijd.

    Veel liefs, Marion.

  3. What a rich man he was to have all those years and loves and you. I know you will miss him.

    I also come from a long lived family - there is an end as we know it. An interview with my uncle will air Wednesday on the Today TV show - Willard Scott honors those who celebrate their 100th birthday. My Uncle Bones will be 100 on Wednesday. He has an older sister~