Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer School

Today I was going to travel to Edinburgh to Summer School. I was booked in to the Digital Photography course. But I cancelled as I wanted to be near my family for special reasons.
It would have been lovely to get back to Edinburgh, the city where we married in 1969 and also meet up with friends. But hopefully I'll be able to get to Complex Weavers next year. Never been to USA.
Family comes first and I'm happy to have made the choice to stay at home. I took my grandson back yesterday, and the house feels empty after having had him here for 10 days but on Wednesday his sister is coming. I  just have a few days to recharge my batteries. ;-) School starts on the 22nd so she will have to get back home before than.

Weaving is going slow, but the end of the warp is in sight. I will plan a cheery new warp after this. But this warp was all about just being able to weave without thinking much. I'll be lucky if I get 4 towels out of this warp. Probably made the first 2 a bit longer than I planned. They have linen weft, I'm now weaving the 3rd with yarn from the warp.

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  1. I'm sorry the Scotland trip didn't pan out. I've got towels in heart, hope to see them on my loom soon.