Friday, August 05, 2011

Holiday almost over

Tomorrow I'll take my grandson home again. First time he has been away from home for so long, 10 days. If it was up to him he would stay longer but I need a few days on my own and will have his sister later in the week. We'll see how long she wants to stay this time.
We went to the Zoo yesterday, that was a big hit. Lots to see and do.
He loves climbing, and this was quite high up
We will go back there again.
Today was weaving day as he wanted to finish his scarf. I think it is great that he managed so much for a first project. Have to see if it stays with just this one project or that more will follow in the future.
Here he is with the scarf just finished fringe twisting but not yet washed.
Here it is after washing and pressing.
And here a scan of the middle part. Not bad for a first weaving for a 6 year old!
He liked my finishing here, so I added one on his scarf and also found the "hand made" hand. That will be a surprise for him in the morning.
Today was also baking time
Nothing better than helping and licking

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  1. Wat een prestatie heeft je kleinzoon neergezet! En wat een heerlijke oma heeft hij om hem zo te helpen en motiveren. De sjaal ziet er geweldig uit en staat hem prachtig.