Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 coming to an end

Sooo glad that this year is coming to an end through one thing and another. And looking forward very much to a new year.
My Internet connection is working well again. What a relieve. I can now watch the video of the class I missed last Wednesday.

Have not thought about weaving these last few months but as the year is coming to a close I find that I'm beginning to get the urge to get a warp made sooner rather than later.
My 4 shaft table loom is still warped with my granddaughter's scarf. Although she is capable of weaving on it she is not able to stay concentrated for very long. I've been helping her a bit this week and most likely will finish it for her as I do not want her to get an aversion to weaving. When she is a little older she might get back to it. At 4 it is probably asked to much. It was really sett up for her 6 year old brother who did manage to finish a scarf by himself this Summer.
This next week I will have my grandson here after having had his sister here this last week (what a lovely time we have had together). After next week my intention is to get a warp made for the Magic Dobby. I have several options for a warp, so I have this coming week to decide what it will be.

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  1. I hope you regain your weaving inspiration very soon, Margreet.