Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Lately my Internet connection is so slow. I changed to fibre optic 2 months ago and that was fine but the last few weeks it has become so slow that it is no joy at all to use the computer just now. Friday I'm having a re-installation and I hope all problems will be solved.
Skype is useless too so no talking to grandchildren or, like now, having granddaughter staying here, she is unable to Skype with her parents. But hopefully that will be back to normal too after the re-installation.
It's like the old dial up connection at the moment.
It is making me realise how computer depended we have become.

Very frustrating as I had enrolled for Alice Schlein's class Triple Play at Weavolution, using Repper, Photoshop (Elements) and a weaving program (in my case PCW). But the connection was so slow that I never was able to connect to the class.

Almost the end of another year and it will soon be my 3rd blog anniversary. Very little weaving done these last months so I've had very little to report on that side. Just no inspiration whatsoever.
Closing this year will be a big help to get over this and start afresh and getting the creative juices flowing again.


  1. Wij communiceren tegenwoordig vaak via de iPad met FaceTime. Werkt prima en is supersnel. Je moet alleen wel aan beide kanten een iPad hebben.

  2. Annie, helaas geen iPad's hier maar gelukkig is Internet ge-re-installeerd vandaag, een dag eerder en het werkt weer zoals het hoort ;-)

  3. Oh no, how annoying - and that sounded like a great class! I hope you get a chance to take it another time now that the connection is fixed.