Monday, January 09, 2012

Finished young weavers scarf

He finished the scarf in 2 days. It was a present for his mother for her birthday so I could not show any details before ;-) just in case she was watching the blog........
She was so surprised and happy to receive his self made gift.

He chose the loopy yarn and I tried to find yarns to go with that.
As warp yarn (horizontal yarns in the yarn photo)

I used the Webs yarn that I used here, but in different colours. Strong enough for him to weave with. No good to use a yarn that might break easy. It needs to be fun for him for now.

The loopy yarn has shrunk more than the other yarns but I think the end result is great for a 6 year old. He was so proud of himself.
His mum told me tonight that he took the scarf with him to school today to show what he had made in the holiday.

We have not looked at yarn for his next scarf, as he wants to make a woollen one for himself.
I will have  both grandchildren here again next weekend, so may be we will get around to looking at yarns.
But if the weather is nice we will go out instead.


  1. Margreet...that is so sweet!! And what a great way to teach a youngster the value of a gift handmade with love.

    What a great grandma you are!

  2. Wat heerlijk dat je kleinzoon (en kleindochter) dit meemaakt. Ik heb nog steeds goede herinneringen aan het borduren wat mijn oma mij leerde.
    Wat zal zijn mama trots zijn geweest (net als oma denk ik :-)

  3. His expression says it all. He knows it's beautiful and he's proud. He's a lucky grandson.