Friday, January 20, 2012


Not the UnFinished Objects but the kind of Unidentified Flying Objects.........
An extraordinary magical sighting tonight where I live when I cycled back home from the shops around 6:45 my time. Strange orange-yellow lights like a string of lights (about 6 or 8 lights in total) looked like they had been put up in the sky. Next it looked like the saucepan stars (how do you call this) you see but next again it was like a string (I was cycling so was moving as the lights were)
I got home and I saw the light disappear in the distance towards the South. But 2 more came from North very fast flying over me, following after the others. They were lower than planes fly, definitely no planes and also no stars either.
It was an experience that I will not forget quickly as I have never experienced something like this before. I'm only sorry that I was on my own. It was all over to quickly to go to a neighbour to share this experience. So I just share with you all. I did try to make a movie with my mobile but it was all black and than they were gone.

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  1. Ik geloof best in die UFO's.
    Vreemd hè, als zoiets gebeurd. Ik geloof trouwens niet in die alien-toestanden maar dat er ook letterlijk meer is tussen hemel en aarde.......