Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More colour double weaving

I had grandson staying with me for Easter, so very little weaving done. Sunday was sunny and warm, a real surprise, so we worked in the garden most of the day. On Monday the whole family came and we had a meal together.

The warp is nearly woven up.
I'm finishing with different colours (complementary colours in the colour wheel from the warp colours), just to see how that comes out. It changes the warp colours completely.
Warp is almost done!
This morning I've made the next warp with the help of Marian, using the warping paddle. That was an eye opener, warping 8 colours at once.  Marian, thank you!
When the double weaving warp is finished (hopefully tonight) I'll put the new warp on the loom for my Iridescent Weaving Workshop a week on Saturday.
After that I'll have a week to warp and weave for the next Colour Double Weaving Workshop.
I will not be bored the next few weeks ;-)

The garden is very colourful at the moment with lots of feathered visitors:

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