Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today I'm looking after Roos for a few hours whilst DD is having lunch with a friend. She is a wire haired Jack Russel, almost 6 months old.
My warp for Iridescent weaving is on the loom and I've started weaving. Can you see the pattern emerging?
These are the colours in the warp
The current weft colour is a purple towards the red. I will also try out a lighter colour so that the darker warp colours can come up more. Weft colours are always different from the warp colours.
I have my next lesson this Saturday, so a few days left to finish this warp.

The double weaving that I finished looks like this:
In above photo I've folded the cloth so that both sides are visible.
Below: alternating between up and under. From large block to very small and back again. Colour in weft are near colours in warp.
 Below: here the same pattern as above but using colour in the weft that is opposite in the colour circle.

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