Monday, July 23, 2012

Nice gift

Today my grandson has come to stay with me for a bit in his holiday. He had made me a gift, a painting on canvas.
I will find a nice place for it to hang so that I can admire and enjoy it every day.

I've had a lovely few days with my friends from England. We went to Amsterdam for one day and visited Van Gogh Museum. We also did a day on the train last Saturday. We went to Groningen and visited the museum there. One of the exhibitions there at the moment is Painting Canada.
When my friend spotted this she was ecstatic as she had wanted to see it in London but was unable to do so. Well worth seeing. I bought the catalogue to be able to enjoy the paintings longer.
We than went on to Leeuwarden where we had half an hour and next to Stavoren.
Here you can read up on a legend about Stavoren. We were just to late to see a group re-enacting the story.
This weekend were fishery days and there was lots to see. We had about an hour there and just saw the last of it.
Next we took the ferry to Enkhuizen and had our dinner on the boat.
On the way we saw boats like above.
From Enkhuizen we took the train to Amsterdam and beyond to home again. In all we were away for 12 hours. Very enjoyable day with good weather.

The weather has changed to summer at long last, so lots of outdoor activity for this week. It is going to stay this way until Friday.

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  1. Wow, wat een prachtige rondreis en dat gewoon in ons eigen landje.