Saturday, September 29, 2012

finished reflecting water

The blue scarf is now finished and I'm happy with the result.
 Detailed photos:
I'm happy to come back later to coloured warps with this reed.
I think playing with colour within the contours of the reed works well.

I have made another warp after all for this reed in white Tencel. My local guild has an exhibition next year where all work will be in white (only accents of transparent and silver allowed).
My contribution will be a white ondulé scarf. The warp is made but not yet on the loom.


  1. Really lovely. Great interpretation, Margreet!

  2. Your scarf is lovely, gossamer like butterfly wings. Now you have to display how it looks around the neck : )

  3. Sharon, I'll need someone to take that picture ;-)

  4. Beautiful! and I agree with Sharon, we want to see it modelled!

  5. The scarf is stunning, Margreet. I love the way you have used colour to enhance the beautiful shapes in the cloth. Gorgeous.