Tuesday, September 18, 2012

reflecting water

First weaving done and I like what I see
As it will be a scarf, I've finished the beginning with the weft yarn. I'll do the same with the ending. On the loom it is so much easier to do.
Warp is cotton, weft is cotton/wool. This will give the scarf a nice drape.
I'm weaving tabby and twill, so that the shape shows up even more.


  1. Ik zie het rimpelende water al voor me. Prachtig, kan niet wachten om het eindresultaat te zien.

  2. Marion, dit weven gaat niet zo snel maar het is erg leuk om te doen en het Venne garen werkt goed. Vandaag naar Boymans dus zal er weinig van weven komen........

  3. That's beautiful and it's way over my head. I love how the lines bow and bend. It just doesn't seem possible. More for me to learn!

  4. Sharon, thanks.
    With help of the reed and moving this up and down that does it ;-)