Friday, December 28, 2012

another sample

After a lovely Christmas Day with the family and friends at Boxing Day, I managed to do some weaving tonight. I have my granddaughter staying with me since Christmas Day. What a pleasure to have her here.
So far I have woven 3 samples on the same warp as my last one, Tencel.
They are either woven with different yarn in weft or different in order of twill and plain weave. I threaded on 12 shafts so that I could play more. After cutting and finishing them, I will be able to make a decision how I will weave the scarf.

I wanted to weave 1 more sample and managed to do so. I'm using yarn on a sewing type bobbin. I only have 200 yards so I want to use as little as possible for the sample and did not feel like rewinding on a weaving bobbin. I used my highest shuttle and after a few throws discovered that I needed something to keep the bobbin in place.
Here you can see the space for the bobbin
 In this photo you can see that even this shuttle is not high enough for the bobbin.
I had to turn the shuttle on it's side when weaving nearer the edge (meaning top or bottom) of the ondulé reed when there is less of an opening of the warp.
If I did not do that, this would happen. The bobbin catching on the warp threads
Sample 4 is woven and I cannot wait for the samples to be cut and finished but it's late and tomorrow is another day. So, it will have to wait. Daytime is for granddaughter at the moment and in the weekend we'll do a switch and her brother will come to stay.


  1. Je moet wel een prachtige stalenmap hebben zo langzamerhand. Wat een werk! Ik ben benieuwd hoe je sjaal gaat worden.
    Fijne jaarwisseling.

  2. Marion, dat valt wel mee hoor, die stalenmap ;-)
    Ook jij een fijne jaarwisseling toegewenst.