Friday, December 21, 2012


On Wednesday I went to a talk by Monika Stadler, about her mother Gunta Stölzl. Very interesting to hear first hand about her life. Monika has edited a book a few years ago about her mother. The English version is sold out now, only the German version is still available. Her talk was very much like what is in the book. She showed lots of slides and talked them together. She did have some samples with her. But she only has samples from the period that her mother was weaving in Zurich. Any of the Bauhaus weavings are either in museums or have sadly been lost forever.

Regarding my own weaving: I'm weaving some samples with the ondulé reed, so that I can decide how I'll weave another white scarf with the reed. Also, the samples can be used as "feelers" for our guild exhibition next summer. One more sample to weave before cutting them of the warp.

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