Friday, April 05, 2013


Recovering from a bout of flu, but slowly I'm thinking weaving again.

After all the white weaving this winter, I want colour.
Just happen to see the yarn that I bought on my last trip to London in January from Handweavers Studio. And that's just what I need in this still very cold windy weather. It's 10/2 cotton from Lunatic Fringe. This is only 10 colours from the 20 available. Handweavers Studio have made this as a kit and I thought it a good way to find out how I like the yarns.
Now, what order shall I choose? I'm going to make a scarf (I don't think there is enough yarn for more) and weft will be black Tencel. My first thought was the bottom version then I thought the middle one. But I like the top version too.
I can sleep on it as I will start warping tomorrow.

Another good reason for making a warp with 10/2 cotton is that I'm using my warping wheel again.
This will be my 2nd warp using the warping wheel. I think I've learned enough from the 1st time for it to go smoother this time. And the beam is now in a better place where I can reach!
After this I want to have a go with finer yarns, but they are new to me yarns so I want to be able to use the warping wheel well before embarking on these finer yarns.

My granddaughter lost her front teeth last weekend. It all went very quick. They were loose but she knocked them out accidentally. The bottom front teeth are loose too so it will not be long for them to come out. She is not amused. ;-)

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