Tuesday, March 26, 2013

loom adjustment

Finished the warp last night.
No more very narrow warps in future!
Last night I took the loom apart
and this morning I went to Louet with the parts in the last photo. Jan drilled holes in the right places so that 2 new "legs" could be fitted to the loom and the sectional beam fitted to this. This was a top service from Louet!
Back home, I put the loom back together again. Not an easy job on your own but I managed and the loom is now ready for warping again. The sun is shining today and I could have one of the doors open whilst working on the loom.
Not sure if the middle space is the best for the sectional beam. If not, I can always change it and fit it to the top space (mind you, I'll have to take some of it apart again). I've added an extra beam, that way I'm free to warp whichever way I want.
Tomorrow I'm going to the grandchildren so, the warping will have to wait another day.

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