Saturday, May 04, 2013

May already

How time flies, May already!
I've had grandson staying with me this last week and today we did a switch and now granddaughter is with me. We have not done very much this last week but sure had quality time together. We did go to Amsterdam on Wednesday. The intention was to go to the refurbished Rijksmuseum. But oh what a crowd everywhere. It was the day after the inauguration of the King. In the end we did not go anywhere but just had a look around.

Above photos from the church and palace.
I've not felt like doing much at all and now I think I do not have a trapped nerve but shingles. I did not realise that this could be on your leg. It sure ads up to how I have been feeling the last 2 weeks.
I'll go back to my GP to get it confirmed. I've had it before, about 10 years ago.
Forecast for the weather is good, so we'll just enjoy ourselves as much as we can.
Just do not feel like weaving at the moment.
I enjoyed reading on my e-reader that I bought recently.
A good buy, as it has good visibility in the sunlight and when dark there is a light to use (Kobo-Glo)

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  1. Your weaving is gorgeous. I think shingles can appear anywhere along the spinal column. Good luck. It's obnoxious. Cute grandkids, BTW.