Monday, May 13, 2013

port problem

Today is the first time I'm back behind the loom for over a month! But trying to start the weaving, Fiberworks-PCW cannot find the port! This is the downside of weaving with a computer.
I've tried all I can think of but no luck. I've now written to Ingrid and Bob and hopefully they'll come up with an answer I can work with.
The only thing that has changed is that I took my computer with me to England and had it cleaned up from unnecessary muck. Also written to my friend to ask if anything he did could have an impact on the setting.
Frustrating times when I had hoped to have finished what I was weaving so that I could cut it and wett finish to see how it comes out before finishing the rest of the warp.
I'm hoping that the solution is a simple one.


  1. Ik hoop echt dat de oplossing simpel is en vooral niet te lang op zich laat wachten.

  2. are you a member of weavetech? if so there was a discussion of the whys in 4812, to 14- i'm on digest. the topic is mac serial port compatibility-dobby, but there's information on windows too. you can go to weavetech in yahoo and search for it. if not let me know.