Monday, June 03, 2013


This morning we installed our Guild Exhibition Weve de Vrede (Weaving the Peace) in the Doopsgezinde kerk. It's 300 years ago that the Peace of Utrecht was signed. As Guild we thought it a good idea to have this themed exhibition. The opening is this Saturday but the viewing only starts July 3rd until Sept 15th, coinciding with visiting churches.
This is how my work looks there. I thought the scarves were long enough but seeing them displayed I realised that they could have been longer. Quite difficult to get them draping well.
My blue ondulé scarf will go to another exhibition (our national weaving organisation Weefnetwerk is celebrating it's 5th year existence) that is opening early next month here.


  1. your scarves look beautiful. and what a clever display form!

  2. thanks Neki,
    the display forms were specially made, from an example. I might have some made myself