Monday, July 15, 2013

lavender weekend

Yesterday I went to the lavender weekend here. And it looked like this
Long drive to get there but worth it.
My own lavender looks like this at the moment
But there are some gaps,
so a good excuse to buy some more ;-)
When I planted my lavender garden I planted 3 of each variety but this time I just bought 1 of each new one and will fill up the gaps and if I need more, I'll just take some cuttings and grow more myself. All the new ones are different again from what I already have planted. I just love all the different plants and flowers. And the smell!
It is very hot at the moment, so I'll just keep the new ones well watered and will plant them when it is cooling down a bit. To warm to do any hard work.

Still time out from weaving. Last week I had granddaughter staying, and this is all the weaving I did ;-)


  1. Your lavender is way ahead of ours! We are just seeing the first hints of purple... I love the idea of a lavender weekend too.

  2. i love your lavender garden!