Monday, July 22, 2013

tie on warp

Something I learned at the Andreas masterclass was to tie on an easy way. My loom has been standing idle for the last 2 months or so. High time to get behind it again. His idea is to do things as easy as possible. So to tie on, just divide the warp into large bundles. Say 4 for 30cm wide warp and make the ties like this.
What I found was that is took very little effort to tie on with just the 4 knots, re tying them only once meaning in total 8x knotting.
Theory is, that this way, the warp is spread out so that you need little weaving before your warp is ready to start weaving.Not sure if that really was the case but having just the 4 knots worked very well. Definitely will use this method again.
I've decided to weave a few more cushion covers to brighten up the settee. After that, I'll still have more warp left. Will see what to do with that.

Far to warm outside (32C officially today but my thermometer was reading 39C!! this afternoon).
I had to much sun last Wednesday and have suffered the days after. I was unable to see my daughter arrive at the finish on Friday. That hurt. I'm a lot better now compared to last week but keeping out of the sun as much as possible.


  1. what i see from the photos is that some bouts are tied and some aren' that so?

  2. yes, you make the tie on half of your bout, that way making the threads spread out well BUT I made the mistake of making the bouts to big and still created the gaps between the bouts
    if you get it right it really makes a difference