Tuesday, December 17, 2013

my project - finished

Finished my project!
I've been translating this beautiful book from Dutch into English!
I'm not a translator, so this was outside of my comfort zone but pleased that I succeeded in doing this job. Thanks to help from my dear friend Gillie this was possible. Thank you Gillie!!
My goal of finishing before the end of the year was met. :-)
Marg and Ruth will now go over it to make sure that all I have translated is making sense.
Publishing date will be April 2014.
In this book Marian Stubenitsky has written about various structures that can be woven with parallel threading, starting from a design line. The weavings are for 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 shafts. Shadow, moiré, rep, iridescence, four and more color double, taqueté and samitum. A unique project, not published before in one book. 240 pages in full color, sewn and bound in hardback, laminated cover, richly illustrated and professionally designed.
As this is self published by Marian, let her know that you are interested.
There will be a pre-publishing price €39,50 from €44,50 (+pp).

Wishing Marian success with the forthcoming English publication of her book.

School holidays at the end of the week, and looking forward to having the grandchildren coming to stay with me. Back to weaving after this is all behind me. :-)


  1. fantastic news!! i'll pre order a copy.

  2. How exciting! You might not have been a translator before, but you are now :-)

  3. O wat een gigaklus zeg! maar wel super dat het boek in het engels verschijnt. Ik heb al 3 Deense dames die er een willen hebben. In april gaan we met de weefkring weer naar Denemarken. Hopelijk kunnen we er dan een paar meenemen.