Wednesday, February 26, 2014

sett and first samples

Struggling with my next warp sett. Still weaving the moiré effect but now with a 2 coloured warp. Same yarn as first warp. That warp was sett at 6 per cm. Did the same with this one but the weave structure is different, being waffle, so after having the warp ready for weaving I changed my mind and rethreaded to 8 per cm. After weaving I thought I did not like it, so unwove and rethreaded again at 6 per cm. But when weaving, I knew that the sett was wrong, so out it came again and I'm now ready again to start weaving at 8 per cm. Never before have I had this problem. May be waffle is just not the right weave structure for me. Still all part of the guild workshop, so I will finish weaving it. Not a very long warp! :-) This 2 coloured warp will weave waffle and twill that should show moiré effect.
I did make photos before unweaving, so I can see the difference.
 above - 6 threads per cm - below - 8 threads per cm
In the top photo the sett is clearly to wide, so no square weaving at all and the warp threads are not very visible. In the lower photo you can see the warp threads. The fun of having 2 warp colours means that when weaving the waffle (there are 8 different variations woven) the warp colours come up different. By weaving 1 waffle variation more than once this pattern will change again. I will play a bit now that I have rethreaded with 8 threads per cm.
And here the first woven sample weaving 8 variations (moving up a shaft each time) and back again. You can see the 2 colours in the warp coming up at different points.
Here each variation repeated 3x, so it is 3 times longer than the first sample.


  1. those waffles look so good i could eat them :D

  2. I love the color movement in that waffle sample! Nice work!

  3. thank you both
    the sample warp is very narrow (as I changed the sett, it became even more narrow) and no fun to weave, so looking forward to the next one....