Thursday, May 08, 2014

blogging and facebook

Problem with having joined Facebook, is that I have not spent so much time blogging lately :-(

Almost a month has gone by since my last posting.
I've just come back from lovely 5 days England with my friend Gillie. We were so lucky with the weather, perfect for driving and going around places.
Main reason was to spent time with friends celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Lovely to see them with their family and friends. Hope to meet up with them again sometime soon in France.
It was Bank Holiday weekend, so always a busy time but also lots to see.
Sunday was spent going around Standen House & Gardens
Monday we went to Penshurst Art & Craft Show
All very pleasant events. Also a day of retail therapy and the visit came to an end.
Missing my late husband a lot this time. May be partly to do with, it being his friend he grew up with, who's anniversary it was.

Back home now and time to get the loom filled up with a warp.
We have a guild challenge to weave a scarf. Rolling a dice to determine what structure to weave with what yarn and colour. I will now get on with this but will not revile yet what my dice throws have determined.

On coming back home, Marian's English book had arrived. What a pleasant surprise to find.
It really is a beautiful book and it should be on every weavers bookshelf as it is written for all weavers with 4 to 32 shafts.
Pleased I was able to translate it for her with help from my friend Gillie and glad that Marg and Ruth went over it thoroughly, correcting what needed to be corrected.


  1. Margreet, does Marian's book include drafts (threadings, tie ups, treadlings, drawdowns) of the weave structures, as well as the lovely pictures of finished weavings?

  2. Kathy, it teaches you how to go about it, so that you will be able to design your own drafts. Yes,there are drafts so you will be able to weave weavings as shown. But I think learning how to do it is the key to be able to use this book fully. Hope this helps.

  3. Facebook geeft mij hetzelfde probleem, Margreet: het is zo simpel om even een foto te plaatsen, en dan vergeet je later, dat je er eigenlijk ook een blog over wilde schrijven...